How would you feel about another voice acting group? Would you see them as a possible rival or maybe a friend of the Colab?

It’d be weird to see them as rivals because most other VA groups tend to have at least one of our members on their team!

Most other team projects we will put effort into promoting. If people decide to pick fights with us and set themselves up as our rivals, which happens very, very rarely, we’re always kind of bemused ‘cause like… guys… it’s fan art, it’s not like there’s any money to lose or gain here or anything to prove, so who even cares? we’d much rather be friends since we share a passion for voice acting and for Homestuck or other fandoms and help promote and use people from other groups in cameos and stuff!

The hound was still, the birds said naught, The fox denied he had been caught, 
The bear cried “This is just our lot”, And surrendered to his pain.

Cast List:
Narrator - Adoxographist (
4CHAN - Schrag (
Ruby - Joely (
Tom - Biggs (
Red - Ryan (http://actorsallusionpresents.tumblr….)
Stitches - Teeco (

Read Ruby Quest at ( or All images, characters, and dialogue belong to Weaver. This is a non-profit fan adaptation of his work.
TG Weaver’s Blog (NOTE: Mature Content NSFW):

Music Credits can be found in the video description.

Given that you've started your reading of ruby quest, is there any plan to read nan quest in the future?

No plans currently made, but that doesn’t mean we’re ruling it out as a future possibility.

I'm sure this is all super secret stuff but what do you guys plan to do for the voice acting of the trickster mode stuff and the trollsprites (such as erisol) cause you have actors for eridan and sollux will they split time or like read the lines at the same time. Sooooooo curious.

I am proud to announce, right here, for the first time publicly, that we will have esteemed rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg voicing all of the tricksters AND sprites.

(it’s a secret shhh)

After seeing the finished houses, please vote for which one is your favorite! Go to the link below to vote:

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So.....what got censored in that last timed trial....?

If it was appropriate to tell people, why would we have censored it in the first place? :/

Hey guys I had a question/suggestion. Have you considered making one super playlist of every episode for homestuck? There are times when I want to just sit and watch the whole thing but it is (in the most minor way) inconvenient to have to change between each playlists. I understand that this is somewhat of an undertaking but for long runs I feel it would serve fans in a good way.

That could be something we could toss together at some point, but it’ll take a bit of effort.

WIND WAKER!!! What are you guy's favorite Legend Of Zelda games if you play the franchise?

I could ask everybody but I’m about to sleep so I’m just gonna say everybody’s favourite is Majora’s Mask. Anybody whose favourite was not Majora’s Mask, sorry but your favourite Zelda game is now Majora’s Mask and has  retroactively always been Majora’s Mask.

-Kate on her way to bed

Thank you, Colab. Bloopers are exactly what I need after that update. <3

No problem! CoLab’s here to entertain the peoples by messing up our lines!

I'm not sure if you already answered this but will there be a Colab Plays of the Homestuck Adventure Game?

We don’t know. It depends what the game’s like, whether it looks fun and/or feasible to dub, whether we really want to do another Homestuck project etc. We’re not going to pledge to dub a game we haven’t played and know next to nothing about!