What did most of your staff want to do first? RoLol or DiStri?

They wanted to do Roxirk Strilonde first.

Hello ! So since I've read this post where this french girl wanted to try a Let's Read Homestuck in french, I've proposed help to her and we're starting to get more people little by little ! Just wanted to know, if you have some tips for the beggining of our project, a little help for us to start this thing without messed it up that would be super awesome ! Thanks to you and love your Youtube channel~ :3 You're always making an incredible job guys !

Oh that’s fantastic that she’s getting help! We wish you luck. Be sure to contact us when you have an episode done. I only understand a little French, but I’d still love to hear what Homestuck sounds like in that language anyway!

Hmm, as for tips…

-The two most important things are organisation and momentum. Try to make sure everybody knows what’s going on at any given time and avoid doing things that will cause long gaps without any uploads as much as possible.

- Perfect is the opposite of done. Our early episodes in particular are rough around the edges, but if we’d agonised over making them really polished, we probably wouldn’t have got this far. Try your best to make it as good as you can, but keep yourself tied to a schedule and don’t spend excessive time making it all shiny and perfect- you have over 4000 pages to get through!

-Designate some people as admin who can have the final say on decisions and take responsibility for organising the group, even if most of your decisions are reached democratically and everybody shares the work.

-Set yourself up with two skype chats; one for casual chatting and one for project business, so that people don’t lose vital messages among the chatter, but also have a place to bond as a team.

- Google spreadsheets are really useful for keeping track of things like which pages are coming up, who needs to record lines for them, whose lines are in and which musical tracks are used that episode.

- Picking the music isn’t a short task if you do it right. Put aside dedicated time to choosing which music to use with which scenes or logs. Get to know your Homestuck albums! It takes a team of about 3 of us approximately 2 hours to pick out the music for an episode!

-Our episodes are about 50 pages long on average, we’ll go for more pages if there are no long logs and a lot of pages with little to no narration, and fewer pages if there are long logs and memos. You may go for a different method, but that’s how we do it in case it helps.

- Don’t cast any trolls yet. For the first act, you don’t need that many voices, it’s pretty much narrator, John, Dave, Rose, Jade and some minor incidental things like Game Bro, then you hit Act 2 and will need WV, but you won’t hit any trolls til halfway through Act 3! Casting trolls is a waste of time at the moment.

- Have fun! Try not to get too stressed about it. Some people will complain. Somebody will complain about everything you do! They’ll complain if you’re so much as a day late, they’ll complain about how every single voice isn’t their headcanon, they’ll nitpick minor errors… But don’t forget, in the end, this is something you’re doing for your enjoyment first which happens to hopefully amuse some other people!

If you thought the fourth wall could protect you from Roxy and Dirk bribing their way to victory, then you were quite mistaken.

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Choose which character will show up first! The videos for both Roxy and Dirk will be edited at the same time, but which one will be released first is up to YOU!

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For octopimp, saccharinesylph, and colabhq!
Hey I've been a big fan of ya'll from early on but I'm kind of more a lurker than anything. I noticed you are doing paranatural, too, which is cool because I also love that comic. I was wondering if you already cast Max's mom since she is a relatively new character? I would love to hear who it is. :)

Hi, nice to hear from you!

We haven’t cast her yet. We’re prioritising getting this episode out before we even start thinking  that far ahead!

I’m looking forward to getting more out. I’m playing Ms. Baxter, and also… another character. I’ll let people speculate about who it might be.


Hello ! So, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions : I'm a French Homestuck fan, and there is no "let's read Homestuck" in French. I have the idea of recording the thing, but there's something I'like to know : how did you do to take the images and the flashes out of Homestuck ? Do you have a special kind of software ? If I do this thing, I'd like to do it right, so that I can try to expand Homestuck in France, so any advice would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you, and have a nice day !


It would be really great to see some productions of different language versions of Homestuck, since the translation projects are doing such a good job! On the other hand though, I will warn you, it’s not easy!

My advice for setting up a project like ours:

- First cast ONLY characters from the first two acts until you’re at least halfway through Act 2. Act 2 will catch you off guard with its sheer length compared to Act 1. I see a lot of projects waste time casting Trolls and even Cherubs before they even make episodes, it just leads to harder organisation and lack of momentum.

- Consider getting a dedicated editor on your team. Making episodes of Homestuck isn’t easy, it’s time consuming too.

-You can get the images by right click > “save as” on them, just like any other image on the internet! It’s that simple.

- Flashes are a little more complex, but you’ll find people have already ripped them if you google a little. You can convert them to video format with programs like Swivel. The walkaround flashes are more complex, but you can always leave worrying about those until they arrive and first just overcoming the challenge of getting through Act 1!

- If you want nice pesterlogs like ours, you’ll want to make a template and use it to make a separate image for each line of text.

Like this. We have an animator on our team, Coleena, whose job is largely making these in Photoshop along with things like Sprite logs, journal entries etc.

I hope that’s helpful!

Convention Appearance Announcement!

Toastheaven our lovable and vivacious Roxy Lalande VA is going to be at ConBravo in Hamilton, Ontario this Saturday!  Go give her some love and say hi!  She’s going to be dressed as BLU Scout, and “accompanied by a big beardy guy”.  

Also, Ryoko and Sarah, our Terezi and Feferi VAs are going to be at Hoshicon in Charlotte, North Carolina this ENTIRE WEEKEND.  They’ll at least be recognizable on Saturday in their Panty and Stocking Police Uniform cosplays.  Give them some love too!

Everytime I try to read Homestuck I read it in Badgers voice.

Don’t worry, so do I.  When I read Homestuck out loud to my boyfriend I do a horrible impersonation of Badger’s voice.  Badger is…The.  Narrator.

-Admin Ryan

okay so i'm actually rewatching the series while waiting for new episodes (heard from a friend it's better the second time because of all the foreshadowing and time shenanigans, he's right) and OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED THE TALKSPRITES ARE SYNCED UP WITH THE SPEECH YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING

It’s one of those little things we do that makes a huge amount of difference when you really get to looking at it.  Just adds to the quality, although it’s a huge amount of work for our editors, so give them a hand!

great new episode after a really long day. thanks for making my day better

Awww, we’re always happy to make people’s days a little lovelier with our work!  Hope you have a great rest of your day!