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Having said that we'll hear all the voices to the alpha kids in episode 2 of act 6 does that mean you've already castes the rest of the characters ? Sorry if you have answered the question before and I haven't seen it .

We have a FAQ for this stuff.

We cast the alpha kids a while back! It’s pretty unlikely we’ll do any more casting in the forseeable future.

Here’s the cast list.




The end is nigh.

The complete cast list can be found HERE

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This episode covers pages 005985 to 006010 of the comic

Watch [S] Cascade at full size on mspa!: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/cascade.php?s=6&p=6009

Full Music Credits in the video description on Youtube.


Holy crap. It’s taken us almost three years but we’re finally done. They said it couldn’t be done, but after almost 40 hours of videos (and many more spent making them) we made it. Now to obliterate Act 6.

(On a separate note, huge huge huge thanks to Jake for editing three out of the past four episodes. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to get to cascade nearly as quickly. In fact, huge thanks to everything he’s done since joining the CoLab. I honestly don’t know how much longer I’d have been able to go on editing by myself, and he’s been killing all the episode’s he’s done. And of course, congrats to everyone else in the CoLab. Seriously, this has been a massive undertaking and you’ve all done an amazing job.) 

Strong words of thanks to Jake, our new editor, as well as everybody else! We’re all super happy with how these past years have gone and are super excited about the future! Thanks for your ongoing support!

Firstly, y'all are incredible voice actors and made homestuck a much more approachable webcomic and I'm super excited for act 6. Are we going to be introduced to all four of the alpha session kids in part 1?

Thank you! :)

In the first part of Act 6. you will be introduced to one Alpha kid, hear another (but not be introduced beyond that) and also hear uranianUmbra but not be introduced.

I think a lot of people may be surprised having forgotten over time, but Act 6 has a fairly leisurely pace. You’ll  have heard the voices of all four Alpha kids by Episode 2, but it’ll take a while longer to actually meet them and know their names!

Can the gamzee voice : The lava glows red on the forest tonight, Not a footprint to be smell, A kingdom of isolation, And it looks like I'm the clown Don’t let them live, don’t let them scape Be the stoned clown you always have to be Smile, don’t feel, don’t let them know Well, now they HONK Let it honk Let it honk Can't hold it back anymore Let it honk let it honk Slam da girl face with the honk I don’t care What they’re going to say Let the honk rage on, The stabs didn't bothered me anyway

Er… we’ll take that up with Biggs but…

I've read and finished Homestuck, but then i found your lets read. The voices... It made everything more real. I cried in parts i didnt before. I realized stuff I'd missed. Thank you for what you do!! My friend is too lazy to read it, so she listens to you on YouTube. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome! Very happy you enjoyed it!

Hey guys i'd just like to thank you sososo much for working so hard for your fans! Like the pace you have right now on releasing the episodes is fucking ridiculous and i just can't even really comprehend how many things you have to do right now between the voice acting and the editing and the Tumblr business and just managing all of that, it's just really really cool that you're doing all of this for random people on the internet that share a common interest. Thank you so much, i love you all.

Well, the 1 episode a day thing was just for the last 4 episodes of Act 5. We’re back to an episode every week or so now, but thanks! Crono and Jake particularly worked so hard on getting those videos edited in such a short timeframe!

Thanks for watching! :D

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I got an ask about this, and honestly I seriously want to give credit to both Joely and Alex for their amazing work in helping me bring Lord English to life, so a bit of behind the scenes chat on how I created the Lord English voice for Let’s Read Homestuck!

Music used is “Skaian Summoning” from Alternia by Toby “Radiation” Fox

Now forewarning, this is all sort of technical and boring, so I will try to make it entertaining, but no promises.  Also I’m putting it under a readmore because it contains some spoilers for Act 6

Read More

How the Lord English voice was done in our series! The first time we heard it we were all like “Oh god, that’s terrifying!”

Ever thought of singing any of the homestuck songs

I think we have at least one video of singing on our channel already. We have some good singers in the CoLab, we just tend to prefer to do Voice Acting, particularly because most of the songs are already performed by awesome people so a cover wouldn’t be worth doing unless we brought something new to the table, I guess?

Do the Narratey thing! Make it wordy and talky! Do the Narratey thing! Do the Narratey thing! Okay, I'll stop. XD Best of luck to Badger and all the A6 crew, I'm sure your stuff will be awesome!