This took only slightly too long to get made.

I could say pretty things about fire and ice and electrons, or about words and letters and sentences, or about light and darkness and liminal states. I could talk about the quantum gap, just perceptible, between now and after. I could talk about a web of wires spun thin across the planet and a web of radio waves spun even thinner. But I’m not enough of a poet.

Have this music instead.

New release (yes, again). $5, unless you’d like to pay more (thank you!) The album art is from Zerovirus and several of the track arts (for the tracks Neolithic, Synchronization, Age of Silicon and Escapist) are from Dalm. There are eight tracks in the album proper and a bonus track, so that makes nine tracks!

Publicity/sharing/signal boosts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

One of the MSPA Fan musicians has a new album out! Go check it out and buy it, it’s super good.

For the person asking about Guidestuck, I've started a Let's Read of it, if they want to check it out. So far it's just me doing the voice work, and there's not much in the way of fancy editing, but I'm pretty proud of it.

Ah yes, a little search of Youtube and….

Boom! Here we go!

Go you for doing the thing. Many props.

Can you guys read Guidestuck?

We probably won’t. I don’t think any of us read it? I read a bit ages ago and it wasn’t bad but it didn’t arrest my attention.

I think a lot of people don’t really get how our group runs and how we pick things to dub. Most of our resources are tied up making Let’s Read Homestuck, which has a huge cast, two editors, a dedicated organisation team and aims for frequent updates with really big episodes. Because of this, any additional projects need to be run by other group members who can organise their project, find somebody to edit it, contact the VAs within the group etc. For this reason, side projects only get made if a member of the group is passionate about the project they want to make and also motivated and well-organised and able to find what they need.

So really, it is incredibly unlikely that we’ll dub something on reader request. Guidesuck, Ava’s Demon and Heinoustuck and the like, there’s just not a group member interested enough to put in the huge amount of effort involved in making such a project.

But there IS a person interested enough outside our group:


Go and teach yourself editing and assemble a team of like-minded people and make it yourself! If you’re passionate about the project and really want to see it dubbed, there’s no reason to not make it yourself really. There are loads of VAs around; when we ran auditions, we had about a thousand come in, and everything we do you can learn how to by googling “[thing you want to learn] tutorials”. Instead of just sitting around telling us to dub everything despite our already stretched time and resources, go and start a group of your own and do it!

[5:53:42 PM] Adoxographist: Guys…. Paul…..

[5:53:45 PM] Adoxographist: is my dad……………..


Todd Allison & The Petunia Violet - Chapter 1
by Nozmo

Read the comic at
Also feel free to follow Nozmo on twitter @punkblues, or on tumblr: zeeenya


Petunia Elkwood: Annalee - askfemlevivoice
Todd Allison: Ryan - actorsallusionpresents
Lowell Clancey: superbluebadger
Streetcar Conductor: vexatiousidler
Hana Ikimoto: kitsubasa
Sleazy Customer: Biggs - mrbiggsproductions


Brother, Can you Spare a Dime? - Bing Crosby
I’m Through with Love - Ziggy Elman and the Orchestra
Stardust - Hoagy Carmichael
Old Jazz - King Oliver’s Orchestra
Why don’t you do Right - Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee
Dancing in the Moonlight - Dorsey Brothers Orchestr

Sound effects from
Casting and Editing by adoxographist

Adox (our voice of Jade and awesome person) made a comic dub! It’s not a CoLab production, but you’ll hear plenty of CoLab voices in this! It’s really good, so give it a watch. 

I just wanted to thank you for the support and for sharing our video with your fallowers, it makes me really happy and excited to start with the second part, our dave has actually never made a dub before so he is really happy with Kate 's coment.

No problem! We’ll be cheering your production on! A lot of us had little to no experience when we started too. Just keep at it; you’re off to a great start!

Hi, it's me again I’m really happy that you answer my question, I just upload the first part of the act 1 it will really mean a lot for me if you can watch it and give me your opinion Youtu. be/2-fFh_hwxkw I love how you guys work it’s my dream to make the Let’s Read Homestuck Spanish version as good as you do, and I know that means that I don’t have to necessarily copy everything you do, but it’s your project that is inspiring us to make it my english is awful, im sorry and thanks again

I just watched the whole thing and enjoyed it despite barely understanding a word of Spanish. You did a great job! The production values were higher than ours were in our first episode! Excellent.

Followers, go check this out and tell your Spanish-speaking friends!

If you like it and think it’s cool, maybe see if you can offer to help too. As the CoLab know, making something like this takes a lot of work, so if you can help with editing, animation, voice acting etc. why not offer kimochiidesu your services?

I haven't found the answer in faq, and there's 233 pages n your blog, so I apologize if this has already been asked - but, do I have your permission to use audio from the Let's Reads on my own videos if I source everyone correctly?

You’d need to tell us the specific audio you’d be using, as well as exactly how you’d be using it so the Admins could discuss and make sure we had permission from the actors involved.

Hello my friends im from Mexico and im doing the Let's Read Homestuck in Spanish! we are doing really well but i have a question ¿How do you guys make the pester log images? i have no idea, im making animation but it takes a lot of time Now i see all the work you guys are doing, it took me forever the first act Also, can you guys share with me the pesterchum message sound?

Hi! It’s great that you’re making a Spanish language version of Homestuck!

Our pesterlog images are made by making a frame image in Photoshop (we have different frames for the different versions of Pesterchum, Trollian, BettyBother, Dialoglog etc. They’re based on roughly how they look in the comic and we made them from scratch. Dialoglog is unusual in that because it never appeared in the comic as a client, we just designed something that fit with the overall look and feel and was distinctive from the other clients!), then copying and pasting the text in and saving a new image for the window with each new line of text. A single page of conversation at the present point in the comic can easily hit about 50 frames. I think Coleena, our animator, has automated the process with Photoshop actions to speed things up, but just having a dedicated animation person on the team whose job is making them is helpful on its own and we’d recommend it!

I think our pesterchum sound is just the skype notification sound, so can probably be found in the system files for Skype. Alternatively any sound that sounds like an instant messenger sound could work. There’s no “canon” sound for pesterchum. Nothing in our production and how we do things is necessarily canon, so we urge people who are following our lead to be true to their own interpretation of Homestuck rather than just copying how we do things.


I completely forgot to post these pictures of the colabhq meetup! I’m so
glad I met them!

We’re what you could call a “professional VA group”.