Just thought I'd let you know that while Alex and Joely are IN the panel it is the Edmontonstuck leaders who are running it.

Oh, thanks for clarification., I was just given instructions to post it was a panel they were “doing”. Having a big group spread across timezones is a problem sometimes!

It’s the most magical night of the year and we’ve invited some of the best and brightest in the entertainment world to spend it with you.

Unfortunately, a bunch of Homestucks showed up instead.

The MSPAcademy Awards: coming live this Animethon to Grant Macewan University, Edmonton, Canada.  Seating limited, secondhand embarrassment infinite.  Optional black tie for guests.

If you’re going to Animethon, our Cherubs, Teeco and Joely are running this! Check it out!

LRH being my second read-through of Homestuck, I had some preconceived ideas of what the characters voices were like, and at the start I was sure I'd never fully get used to the voice actors here. But I've noticed lately reading fancomics and Paradox Space, the voices of the characters have become YOUR voice actors. I chalk that up to you all being AWESOME. Thanks so much for your hard work. =^-^=

That’s pretty cool! We don’t mind what people’s headcanon voices are so long as they’re not douchey about it and leaving comments like “this VA for [character] sucks because it’s nothing like my headcanon!”

Tooch, who voices Equius, Nanna and Hussie in our production, also can do a really good Dave voice, and he’s Dave in a lot of things, like Featherbent and Ask Dave’s voice, but if you asked me which is my headcanon Dave out of him and Alex, I’d say they kind of both are; they both do different but equally fitting performances in the role; Tooch’s Dave is obnoxiously cool, like he sounds like this kid who is really putting in effort to be cool and is a bit highly strung about it, while Alex’s Dave sounds like a very relaxed guy who genuinely doesn’t give a shit and KNOWS that he’s really cool just as he is. They’re both valid interpretations and enjoyable to listen to!

You can have a lot more fun if you don’t let headcanons limit your ability to enjoy other interpretations and perfomances, because there are so many great productions out there to see! One of my favourite things about Homestuck is that nobody has a defined canon voice and their ethnicity etc. are open to interpretation too. It gives you a lot of freedom and diversity when making and enjoying fanwork.

Why are you guys soooo amazing at the stuff you do.? o: I love watching your videos. cx They are awesome to listen to, and the voice acting for your "Let's Read Homestuck" is really good. Honestly, the voices you guys do for the characters sound like how I would imagine them to sound. Especially the humans. Welp I'm gonna leave you alone now. Bai.! c:

Aww, thank you! Really It comes down to experience and teamwork to make our episodes come together well! I really can’t praise the editing team enough really, and also Coleena who makes all the pesterlogs and spritelogs.

For VAs, we cast people who we thought sounded natural and comfortable in those parts. When I decided to put in my audition for the group, the thing that drew me to want to be in it was how natural and relaxed Badger, Alex and Devon sounded; they didn’t sound like people putting on funny voices, it was like I was really hearing a very plausible real life John and Dave chatting! So naturally since then we’ve kind of encouraged that as our “thing” when casting since, reserving over the top or cartoony voices for over the top, cartoonish characters and keeping other people relatively natural.


Will you guys feel bad when homestuck ends...? LIke, FOR GOOD???

Some of us will, but others may feel happy or relieved or excited. I think there will be a mixture of emotions for all of us. It’s not like our Let’s Read will abruptly stop when Homestuck does, and even when it does end, I don’t think the CoLab will.

I’m sure Hussie has more in the works, so it won’t necessarily be the end of mspa either. Homestuck has been an important part of our lives for years, but there will always be new things to enjoy and other things to voice!

Hey! I've been watching you guys since you first started and I loved watching you guys grow! Though, there's been a question I've been wondering, if you don't mind me asking. Why didn't you all exactly do auditions for the Alpha trolls? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you in anyway! Have a great day! <3

The Alpha Trolls, with the obvious exceptions of Meenah and Aranea, are all basically one note joke characters meant to satirize internet culture, and will most likely not have any great significance outside of the intermission in which they appear.  (Hussie essentially says as much in an easter egg in the third flash)  So we felt that instead of holding auditions for a bunch of characters whose actors would be used once and never again, bloating our already large cast pool, it would be much cooler to have them as cameos of well known and talented friends of the cast.  Basically it’s much easier for us to scout out people for cameos than it is to try and cast ten new roles.  Casting 8 was quite a handful in and of itself!

Hey so I was wondering since you guys do an amazing job on comics I was wondering would you guys happen to have any plans for ppgd (power puff girls d) or grimtales the land down below by bleed man?

We do not.  At the moment Let’s Read Homestuck and Paranatural take up a great deal of time and resources, and taking on any other large scale dubbing projects would be out of the question.  We might look at other projects in a couple of years when we’re done with LRH, but that’ll depend on a lot of factors that we just can’t predict at the moment.  

Soooo okay I'm just looking at all the songs you use in your videos and wondering how the heck you were able to afford all that stuff, like WOW. How much did all of that homestuck music cost? O.O Your dedication to this never ceases to amaze me. :)

Come to think of it, the total cost of all the albums we use is pretty high!  Luckily, most of us bought the albums as they were released, which blunts the impact on our checkbooks just a little bit.

Also, a lot of the albums we use, including SBURB OST and the Land of Fans and Music series, are completely free fan albums full of awesome music!  

We like to use only Homestuck music, with exceptions for gags, as it not only is thematically appropriate, but it’s a way to show off some of the really talented people within the fandom!  It’s why we make sure to meticulously credit all of the music used in each video!  So next time you hear a really cool piece of music, check out the credits, and you’ll find a really cool person behind it!

Hello! I was wondering, how do you download videos from websites? I'm sorry if this was the wrong place to ask, I just thought that you guys would know, since some of you are editors and such.

I think it depends on the video and the site? Our videos are hosted on Youtube, and there are programs to download youtube videos if you google for them. Others are hosted on Blip or similar. Just use google to look for what you need. Be warned though; a lot of those kinds of programs are on sites with some nasty malware and stuff. Be careful and look for programs with a good reputation online. Oh also, as far as I know, you can’t download videos from places like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant because they have protection in place. There may be means around but I’m certainly not interested in looking into them and don’t recommend it.

Also, don’t download videos and rehost them anywhere else online or put them onto DVDs to sell. That is a DICK MOVE. Please only download videos because you maybe have patchy internet access and want to be able to watch them offline.

Hello there! First off, I'd like to say how awesome it is that you're doing a Let's Read. I love Homestuck, don't get me wrong. But when i was reading Homestuck, the sheer amount of text kind of overwhelmed me a bit, and I eventually stopped keeping up. When I discovered the let's read, my love for Homestuck was reignited, so thanks! Secondly, I had a question about your procedure. When you add a voice actor to the Let's Read, do they become a permanent member of CoLab? How does that work?

Thanks! It can be pretty daunting, reading one of the longest pieces of literature in all of history. That’s why we’re here to help, for better or for worse :v

As for the adding members to the group question, typically when we cast a new project publicly, anybody who gets a main role becomes a member of the CoLab. We very likely won’t be accepting any more members through public routes, however.